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Download Illustrator logo file

After Effects Diagrams & Keyboard Shortcuts:


Technology is ALWAYS changing, learn how to teach yourself new skills and find what works for your learning style.

Adobe website (text instructions, video, and screenshots):

YouTube video tutorials (there are so many, these are just two examples):


Download Project Outline:


Design a Circular Logo

Project Requirements:

  • Design fits within a circle
  • Logo for a real local business
  • At least three (3) layers and three (3) colors
  • No more than five (5) layers
  • Vector image created in Adobe Illustrator
  • High Definition mobile-ready size for social media marketing
  • 1080 x 1920 px portrait orientation for Snapchat or Instagram Stories
  • ** All images must be created by you (no stock photos) **

Client Feedback:

  • Groups of 3-4 will serve as each other’s clients
  • Each designer will present four (4) different color versions of the logo to their clients
  • Clients will choose their favorite or combine elements to create a new logo
  • The designer will adjust the final logo according to client feedback
  • Clients will take surveys about each designer’s level of professionalism and response to feedback

DUE Thursday, April 5
Circular Logo Grading Rubric:

10 Points
4 initial color logo designs (due March 29 but hand in with final)

20 points
Adobe Illustrator file with at least (3) layers and three (3) colors (1080x1920 pixels in portrait orientation) 

50 Points
Final Logo (10 points for each category):

  • Local business (Pacific Northwest)
  • Bold and easy to understand
  • Tells the story of the business
  • Design and composition
  • Creativity and originality 

20 points
Client Surveys (10 points for each category):

  • Completed surveys for designers in your group
  • Feedback from your clients about your project


Animate the Logo

Learn Adobe After Effects Basics

  • Follow along with the in-class demo to animate text

Your Challenge

  • Use the skills learned in the demo to animate your logo
    • Must incorporate Position, Scale, Opacity, Rotation
  • Get creative with moving the circle shape around the rectangular composition
  • Think about social media users viewing the animation
    • How will you grab and hold their attention?
  • Think about how you can go beyond the skills in the demo, what else would you like to do with your logo?
    • Teach yourself a new animation skill or effect
      • Such as creating a bounce effect, shaking text, using the Graph Editor, animation presets (must alter the settings)… Endless possibilities!! 
      • Each student will reserve a skill with the instructor that they will teach to the class next week
      • Use the resources provided on the class webpage to start

DUE Thursday, April 12
Logo Animation Grading Rubric:

20 points
10 seconds in length

20 points
Incorporates Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity

20 points
Utilization of new self-taught animation skill

20 points
Use of composition space 

20 points
Message clarity: easy to understand and appropriate for social media 


Learn & Teach a Skill in After Effects

Teach Yourself a New Skill:

  • Reserve the skill you want to demonstrate with the instructor through email (learn to communicate effectively and in a timely manner)
  • Dive deep into the new animation skill or effect you taught yourself last week
    • Use the resources given and/or do independent research to teach yourself
    • Find what works for you (video tutorials, text instructions, trial-and-error…)

Teach that Skill to the Class:

  • Break down the steps so that you can teach it to the class
  • Give a 10 minute demonstration lesson to the class 

DUE Thursday, April 19
Teaching Presentation Grading Rubric:

20 points
10 minute demonstration

20 points
Skill hasn’t been demonstrated to class (communication with instructor)

20 points
Clear instructions: easy to follow along

20 points
Organized presentation

20 points
Strong understanding of material