My first Skillshare course!!

I created my first course for Skillshare!! 

I learned a TON about filming and editing and I'm already planning new courses so make sure to follow me on Skillshare so you know when I post something new.

If you've never heard of Skillshare, it's a monthly subscription website with millions of students and teachers. Teachers post video courses on everything from cooking, knitting, business, and all kinds of art. The classes are project based so you will finish the class having created something new. You can connect with other people taking your class and the teacher. You can take as many classes as you want.

Use this link to get your first two months free:

My class provides step-by-step instructions to created detailed illustrations. This course focuses on coloring detailed hand-drawn illustrations and it will take you through all the steps from sketching to saving for web or print. Advanced techniques are used, but the step-by-step instructions are suitable for beginners, Photoshop experts, and everyone in between. A lot of options are discussed so that you can create a unique and original illustration. You will find your personal style of working with Photoshop and learn to have fun and be creative with the program.


I made a new pack of tree illustrations for Creative Market. Here's the link:


You can purchase and download these illustrations. I love Creative Market because you are purchasing a license to use the images however you want to and there are so many amazingly talented artists on the site.

I have a lot of ideas for more packs to add to my shop - just not enough time to make them all as quickly as I would like to! My goal is to create one Creative Market product or one Skillshare course per month. I work slow and like to make high-quality things so I'm working on giving myself realistic goals - we'll see how it goes.

Digital textures licensing

I just became OBSESSED with Creative Market.

It's a place where artists can upload products for other artists to use with a license so they can create their own products.

I was creating handmade ink textures for my digital illustrations which I love doing but I know not everybody has time to do. So, I made a pack of 25 digital textures that anyone can buy and use to make their own designs. 

Here's what they look like:

New drawing: "We Grew Up in Bubbles" (a.k.a. "Bubble Ladies")

I've been working on this idea for years in my sketchbook. It started out with the idea of the "Queen of Unrequited Love" floating in a gritty glass cage sitting on a throne that had grown around her. 

I had plans to make her into a big oil painting, but never did, 'cause sometimes painting is intimidating. I decided to draw her with some other figures floating around. I overdid it on the first drawing but got a lot of graphite practice in - nothing is ever a waste - the drawing didn't turn out the way I hoped, but I learned stuff and the second drawing went a lot faster but still did not look right. 

So, here's the third and final version. I'm never completely satisfied but I will be done with this composition and move on to other things.