I made a new pack of tree illustrations for Creative Market. Here's the link:


You can purchase and download these illustrations. I love Creative Market because you are purchasing a license to use the images however you want to and there are so many amazingly talented artists on the site.

I have a lot of ideas for more packs to add to my shop - just not enough time to make them all as quickly as I would like to! My goal is to create one Creative Market product or one Skillshare course per month. I work slow and like to make high-quality things so I'm working on giving myself realistic goals - we'll see how it goes.

Digital textures licensing

I just became OBSESSED with Creative Market.

It's a place where artists can upload products for other artists to use with a license so they can create their own products.

I was creating handmade ink textures for my digital illustrations which I love doing but I know not everybody has time to do. So, I made a pack of 25 digital textures that anyone can buy and use to make their own designs. 

Here's what they look like: