New drawing: "We Grew Up in Bubbles" (a.k.a. "Bubble Ladies")

I've been working on this idea for years in my sketchbook. It started out with the idea of the "Queen of Unrequited Love" floating in a gritty glass cage sitting on a throne that had grown around her. 

I had plans to make her into a big oil painting, but never did, 'cause sometimes painting is intimidating. I decided to draw her with some other figures floating around. I overdid it on the first drawing but got a lot of graphite practice in - nothing is ever a waste - the drawing didn't turn out the way I hoped, but I learned stuff and the second drawing went a lot faster but still did not look right. 

So, here's the third and final version. I'm never completely satisfied but I will be done with this composition and move on to other things.