Youth Arts For Change Teaching Artist (update)

The photography workshop I led at Estacada Middle School culminated in an exhibit at Estacada City Hall which is hanging now. See the article below for details:

I was so impressed with the creativity of these young artists!
Here are some of their photographs:

New Online Course: Beginner Photoshop

I created a Skillshare course for people just starting out with Photoshop.

You can get two FREE months of Skillshare by signing up with this link to my class:


If you've never used Photoshop before or have been trying to figure out the program and are frustrated - I've got you! I've taught people ages ten to seventy how to use Photoshop and I've developed techniques to break down complicated steps and even make the program fun to use. 

Heres what the class covers:

  • The basics of the program:
    • How to open files 
    • How to save and what different file types mean
    • How to scan (helpful if you’re using old photographs)
    • Changing the file size and cropping
    • Easy tricks to enhance photographs by adjusting colors and contrast
    • Making an image black and white
    • Fixing blemishes, scratches, and red-eye in old photos
    • Building good habits so you can advance in the program

Youth Arts for Change Teaching Artist

I was so excited to be selected as one of the artists to teach a workshop to at-risk middle school students. This is exactly the type of teaching I love to do. The program is called Youth Arts for Change and is through the Clackamas County Arts Alliance. 

Read more about it here:

And here:

Below is my syllabus for the workshop. I've become obsessed with making visual syllabi for my courses because the students respond to it so much better and I think it helps the information stick. It also helps me narrow down the information to the most important things. I made this with Piktochart, it's SUPER easy.



Books I LOVE

My Uncle David, an editor at Vanity Fair, has a new book out about the 90's (The Naughty Nineties) and you can buy it today!!!

I was really inspired watching David write this book. Writing a book while working a day job ( a big day job!) obviously takes large amounts of talent, dedication, and drive. Really though, it's about doing the work and putting the time in. This makes me want to work harder on my own creative goals and it really helps to see someone I've know my whole life succeed.


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.17.08 AM.png

My first Skillshare course!!

I created my first course for Skillshare!! 

I learned a TON about filming and editing and I'm already planning new courses so make sure to follow me on Skillshare so you know when I post something new.

If you've never heard of Skillshare, it's a monthly subscription website with millions of students and teachers. Teachers post video courses on everything from cooking, knitting, business, and all kinds of art. The classes are project based so you will finish the class having created something new. You can connect with other people taking your class and the teacher. You can take as many classes as you want.

Use this link to get your first two months free:

My class provides step-by-step instructions to created detailed illustrations. This course focuses on coloring detailed hand-drawn illustrations and it will take you through all the steps from sketching to saving for web or print. Advanced techniques are used, but the step-by-step instructions are suitable for beginners, Photoshop experts, and everyone in between. A lot of options are discussed so that you can create a unique and original illustration. You will find your personal style of working with Photoshop and learn to have fun and be creative with the program.