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Leigh Ann Rooney received her BA with a major in studio art from the University of Vermont. She went on to complete her Master’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting at the New York Academy of Art. Leigh’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Montreal. She lives in Portland, OR with her girlfriend and their dog.



I grew up loving art. I loved looking at it and making it. By luck, I lived near New York City. During a high school trip to the Museum of Modern Art, I spent time with Matisse’s Dance and it transformed my idea of what being an artist meant. It let me know that I could paint, I could be an artist. Since then, I’ve experimented in numerous mediums focusing on feminist figurative imagery and depictions of the natural world.

Nude self-portraits were a way to reject the standard art historical and current media imagery of the passive fetishized woman. Wanting to look beyond myself and my body, I began creating comics and illustrations that address environmental issues, gender, technology, and isolation. I’m appreciating being in a transitional period absorbing new techniques and experiences. The current work in my studio comments on the environmental crisis and gender inequality from a place of calm and quiet. I’m developing a technique that involves drawing with ink then adding color and handmade textures in Adobe Photoshop.

My client-based graphic design, video, and illustration work is enhanced and inspired by my education in traditional mediums, color theory, and art history. I love the collaboration process and problem-solving required. I find client feedback improves my personal work and my personal work enhances my client projects allowing me to continually evolve as an artist.